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About Sugar N' Spice

In Business For Over 75 years

Sugar n’ Spice has been delighting Cincinnati area diners with its secret-recipe Wispy Thin Pancakes, Huge Fluffy Omelettes, Signature Creative Sandwiches, Specials and more for over 75 years. The breakfast and lunch menu has changed little since Mort Keller established the restaurant in 1941.

Today, Sugar n’ Spice prides itself on creating a fun, comfortable, family-friendly atmosphere, serving the same great food that has kept people coming back for generations.

Adam Mayerson is the 6th owner of this family owned restaurant and is excited to preserve the tradition that is Sugar n’ Spice.

What’s It Like at Sugar n’ Spice?

On any given day you might see a new or old BMW, Ford Truck, Cadillac, and maybe even a Pinto in the parking lot. Throw in the occasional Jaguar, Honda and a Chevy and you’ll get some idea of the diversity represented in this restaurant’s patrons.

From college students to grandparents, construction workers to doctors, people from all walks of life visit Sugar N’ Spice on a daily basis. Sugar N’ Spice is about the people, the experience and varied opinions from all who attend this eclectic, diverse, delicious landmark called Sugar n’ Spice, a place to go over the decades and it’s that atmosphere that’s never changed in over 75 years. Of course, the food hasn’t either.

Customers may come for the Wispy Thin Pancakes, the Cuddlin’ Puppy, or other menu favorites, but most come for something you can’t quite put your finger on. They come because Sugar n’ Spice is a place that everyone can call home. The omelettes will always be huge and fluffy, the pancakes will still be wispy thin because some things aren’t meant to change!